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Website Updated: 20th January 2014

Aldax Moulds 4 Concrete News
20th January 2014 - We encourage new entrepreneurs or DIY’s to take photos of their latest home projects or jobs and post them on the Concrete Forum for advice, comment or straight out promotion. We are all about helping people who are prepared to do something positive in life and even have a section on how to make money with moulds.To visit the Concrete Forum click here…...
Make Fake Rock
20th May 2010 - We have just completed a new tech tip article teaching you the methods we use to create faux or immiation rock which looks very realistic and true to nature.
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16th June 2009 - We have a brand new paver mould. This decorative mould can be laid out to produce an attractive design as seen in the picture to the left with 4 pavers.
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28th May 2009 - We have a brand new wall cladding mould on offer.
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11th April 2009 - By popular demand, we have released our most popular 400x400mm garden paver in a 600x600mm size.
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